What activities are most meaningful to you?

What activities are most meaningful to you?

I have so many things I could pick from. I will say that most include family and friends. I will just list them instead of a whole big entry:

• I love sitting in NH on the porch especially in the fall mornings with some hot cocoa and just listening to the sounds of the water wrapped in a blanket. It’s little peaceful moments like this that make me realize how blessed I am in life to have a second home to visit anytime I need some space from the real world.

• Lunch with the girls, its one hour a day where the rest of the bullshit in life doesn’t matter, Everyone at that table is a hot mess and we love each other for it. We can laugh about anything and everything but huddle around when someone’s upset

• The Olympic games in NH with family…For 3 days we all leave our lives and worries behind and compete. 14 people in a 3 bedroom house and there are never any fights (well serious fights, we do get quite competitive)

• Sitting on the porch at my Pepere’s house. I never appreciated this one until recently when my Memere passed away but there’s something so calming about watching the cars going by and sharing silence with my Pepere. It makes you stop to cherish the little things in life.

• Sitting on M’s couch, M’s couch has seen more laughs, tears and heard more secrets than anything else. It’s a safe place, a place where something as small as watching a movie is a great night because of the people you’re surrounded by.

• My parent’s kitchen has seen some great parties, some tough fights but mostly really good heart to hearts. We’ve stayed up until 3 am playing cards, cooked many a meals, cut an awful lot of birthday cakes and I just love being there with my family. My mom always says it’s the smallest room in her house but I believe it’s filled with the most love.

• Laughing with my little brother. It sounds silly but anyone with siblings knows that there are certain moments no matter how old you get that the two of you just connect and you could be in a room full of people and be laughing at something only the 2 of you find funny. Moments like that with my brother are my absolute favorite.

• Lastly, 3 am conversations with the right people…the people that you can bare your soul to in the darkness of the night. I think people are most vulnerable late at night, exhausted and I cherish moments like that because they are so fleeting. As I get older nights like that are less and less but they are one of my favorites.


I know those are a mix of activities and places but it’s hard to pick specific activities when sometimes it’s the place that makes it special.



*She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them*


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