What else could go wrong?

I know I am prob just being a drama queen but this is frustrating. It seems whenever something is good, something happens and it goes bad. First off at work my work we had other co-workers come in to help with other co-worker that is on vacation. Everything was find until the last day things blew up. There are two of my co-workers that don’t really get along. So, me and my co-workers work 12 hour shifts one 8-8,9-9, and last 11-11. My co-worker left at 8 and made a comment about the other co-worker, and my co-worker didn’t like it and when she left started blaming here for other stuff. I told her I don’t know why she did that stuff, kept on blaming her for stuff and I just got fed up and said I am done with this you need to stop blaming her for stuff. she got mad asking me why I was defending her, I stated because I have nothing against her. she kept rambling and saying shit about my co-worker so I snapped and said I am done with this bullshit and drama. I will be telling my manager about this because this isn’t fair that I am getting blamed and yelled at for something that I’m not doing.

Second off, I started talking to a guy from online. We exchanged phone numbers and started texting. Even though we haven’t meet I feel very comfortable with him. So after talking for a bit we set a date. We were suppose to meet this saturday. A couple days ago he told me he couldn’t go because he go called in. So I said ok what about sunday. He said he had plans already. Its hard because he lives in Hamilton and me in St.kitts, and he doesn’t drive at night because of an accident he had a couple months ago that he is scared to drive at night time. Its also hard because he does shit work and works monday-friday and only has weekends off (sat-sun)

It just seems whenever something goes right something always goes wrong. And I know this isn’t really a big deal it just sucks with all the drama from work. And the fact it didn’t work out sucks. He made me feel comfortable, and I could be myself.

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  1. Uhh this is like a really minor issue. I’ve had hundreds of situations where it didn’t work out. I’m heartbroken from a lot of them. Sometimes it was me breaking hearts, yay :D. But seriously, there’s like 3.5 billion guys out there. Plus you have brown eyes, instant guy magnet right there.

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