Aug 19 coming back to the journaling world

Okay I’m going to come back to the journaling world.  I have missed you guys.  And truth told part of the reason I have not written is I have so many possible “entries”…my mind is a jumble.  So out of the jumble I am going with the positive today.

As usual I overslept.  I was literally out of the bed and into the car in less than ten minutes to begin my 45 minute commute!  The good thing is our job is very flexible on hours…and I will still get in my eight and another two of over time.  I run around like a chicken with my head chopped off most of the time. Over busy leaves me over tired yet there is blessing in this.  I’m busy because I have work, a stable job and at my age.  Some folks my age aren’t able to work.  What a blessing.

Much of my stress right now surrounds family issues…the usual settling up after parents have passed.  I am blessed.  I grew up in a loving home with parents that gave us their unconditional love from the moment we were born until the moment that they passed.  We were secure with no worries about food or shelter and our extended family was tight knit.  It doesn’t get any better. And now as each of us (my brother, sister and I) struggle with practical issues we each know that no matter what we are family and we will continue to be close. 

I worry over my retirement…issues about my house versus it becoming a rental, issues about how much my retirement money is going to be, when to retire, part time work etc.  Bingo!  Blessings.  I am worried about the responsibilities of home ownership?  How many people would like to have that problem? 

The point is it is time to stop focusing on the negative side of my blessings and go positive.  Sure my life is tiring and it isn’t tons of fun at the moment.  But I am so damn lucky.  The final chapter of why I am blessed…friends and family.  I have half a dozen dear friends here and across the country that have been true friends for 30, 40 and 50 years.  My boyfriend is the most supportive person on the planet at least for me.  And believe me living with a scattered, ADHD adult like me ain’t easy.  My siblings and I are tight.  My niece and nephew are closer than most, my great neice like a second granddaughter.  And best of all, I could write volumes…my son, his wife and my granddaughter.  So there you go.  Ain’t I lucky?! 

3 thoughts on “Aug 19 coming back to the journaling world”

  1. You ARE lucky and your family and friends are lucky to have you. Please read my note in response to your comment on my “Heavy Heart.” Thank you so much!

  2. Sweetie, I read your comment over there. Also when you wrote in an earlier post how people do need to vent but it’s nice to read the positive once in awhile? You inspired me to look to my blessings! Have a swell weekend.

  3. Welcome back Hoosier! (I’ve been a bit off the grid myself.) You are indeed so very blessed!

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