August-18-2016►School and Pain

 So we started school yesterday, woo… I saw most of my friends again, so thats pretty good. My schedule got jacked up, i have Spanish 2 again, even though i passed it during the summer. Today was a boring day at school. I got home an chilled for a little bit. Finished an essay i had to do for English. I kept getting off task and texting my friends. i already had a small headache from the day, but i always have headaches. The two year mark of one of my friendships was coming up, but im not looking forward to it. He wont be coming to the school during the day because he’s behind on credits so he has to go to workforce, which is after school. We were texting for quite a while, and he asked if i’ve drawn anything new recently. I said yeah, but i’d rather show him in person. He said no, and that he wasnt gonna see me anytime soon. “oh yeah, workforce, thats cool” and i told him we would when he finished workforce. Then he said we wouldnt have any classes together. I have some mixed classes so i told him. Then he just basically stated that he just didn’t want to see me anymore. That really hurt. I cried a little bit, and not only did it make my head hurt even more, it made my eyes burn and hurt as well. I asked if he would still text me alot, and he said yeah. Its better than nothing but ima miss him. I was never a fighter, its hard, complicated, and all you couldve been fighting for might not have been worth it. I guess we’re not really as close as i thought. Makes me feel a bit weird. My boyfriend called me and we talked a little bit. I already wasnt feeling well from earlier but i decided to try to deal with it. I started talking about a small conversation i had with this friend and my SO irritated me abit. I was easily irritable at that time so it wasnt his fault… So i got mad, he called him my best friend, and i couldnt speak, i felt as if i opened my mouth i would throw up. He ended up giving me a small speech and hanging up to let me be. I dont know. Feels weird. Well my dad and his i think now ex-gf are arguing so im probably gonna get offline and go to bed in a bit. my head hurts too much. 

Have Hope,


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