Dating again…

I am a divorced mother of 4 kids.  I have a good, well decent relationship with my ex husband.  I had a boyfriend after our divorce and that ended.  Because he was abusive.

Flash forward two years and I am again in the dating pool, not because I have to or needs someone to care for me but because I miss the bedroom activities, the closeness you have with that person and all the fun and enjoyment a relationship can bring.

Let me just say.  I hate dating.  I hate dating about as much as I hate purchasing new shoes.  I hate the falseness of it. and it takes time to get to know someone new. Yet you don’t know or trust them so you cant give too much away.  People dance around the real topics they want to speak about the things they desperately want to hear. 

If they hear from the person they have chosen at all. It is suppose to be a give and take a back and forth of conversation and build of emotion.  But it never its.  Someone is always left dangling in the air only to have the other person walk away without warning and giving the one in the air the dramatic jolt to the ground. 

In this day we setting staring at our cell phones. Waiting for it to chime and give the small glimmer of hope that we are not alone. But we are.  As long as we consider ourselves single, we are by definition a party of 1.

I hate dating.  With that said, I am talking to a guy.  He is attractive, we have spoken for days and he is not crass or only interested in the physical pleasures. He hasn’t given much away yet, he is still circling the dance floor. 

Right now we are talking about movies a mondaine topic, but safe. The next topic is going to be pet peeves. at least I can learn something about him from that topic. 

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