DiaryEntry#2: The Ex Bestfriend… Yikes..

     Yikes… Where do I begin? i suppose i’ll start from the beginning. Well it was in September the beginning of 8th grade, usually at the beginning of every school year im quiet on the first few days to observe, trust me its not that creepy.. its just observing to see if i wanna get to know them or try to be friends with them. Anywho… she was the only person who seemed pretty chill so i started talking to her in gym (because that’s the only class i had with her). fast forward when we started to become close friends there was a few red flags blinking at me, which was like sorta rude (to me, and others). but sorry i ran out of time… but i promise ill finish explaining later on. Love Ya’ll <3


Any questions suggestions or comments just let me know down below in the comments, or even just let me know that someone is actually reading this… but anywho… bye guys<3

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