Feel tired

I feel exhausted today by no reason. Got up around 6:30 AM and went to Toyota dealer to checkout my car. Found out that there is an issue with washer hose and it costs $180 to fix it. I came back home without fixing it cause I feel that’s way too over priced. I need to find a cheaper place to do that job and it’s kind of annoying although I can drive without fixing it at all.

Went to work little late cause of that and worked on the Javascript part all day at work. Some of new CSS stuffs are not working very good with JS and I need to dig through to figure things out. It takes time as I expected but I’m making a progress. Also figured out an way to push site available for everyone. David helped me to do that with Heroku and I like to see what it exactly do. Seems like a handy tool.

It was a typical day but some reason I feel exhausted right now. I don’t really feel like doing anything except for eating something really good that I don’t know what it is. 8:34 PM now. I might just go to sleep now.

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