The trip

I want to write a happy blog. Let’s just talk for a little bit

So I yesterday night I went to a soccer game with friends and had a great time. Sadly our team lost because we suck at soccer in all honesty. Actually that was a lie, we don’t individually suck but our teamwork is horrible. But we didn’t really pay attention to the game because we were all talking and having a good time. When I got home it was around 8:30ish and I decided to get ready for bed because I’ve been going to bed at 9:30 and I didn’t want to mess that up. Soon it became 9:30 and I was lit. Like all my friends were texting me and twitter was blowing up so I was in no mood to sleep. The sad thing is I ended up not going to bed till midnight. I planned on getting up at 6:30 so I can get back on school schedule. So let’s take a step back a simplify that. I went to bed at midnight at planned to get up at 6:30 in the morning. That didn’t work out as planned at all. I swear I hit the snooze button on my phone at least thirty times. I remember thinking every time I hit the button “okay I will get up in five more minutes” but that never happened. I ended up getting up at 8 which is not that bad because that’s what time I usually get up. So I got up at 8 and decided to take a nice long 2 hour shower just because I have my birthday party later. After my shower I watched the purge: election year because what better movie is there to watch at 10 in the morning?  

Now let’s skip forward a little bit. It is currently 12:53 and I’m sitting on the couch with one of my headphones in playing no music at all and texting my friends while I write this. Tonight is the party and after the party I plan on going to a football game with friends because why not? I leave in the morning so I can stay out late tonight and sleep in the morning.

As yall know (I said it like three times) I leave in the morning to go on another trip. The worst thing is I haven’t started packing and I’m not going to have time tonight because I’m going to be gone. So I don’t know how I’m going to get all my crap packed within the next few hours. I might have to cut this blog short just so I can pack. I’m actually really ecstatic about this trip for some odd reason. I know I’ve already spent an entire month in the beautiful mountains and I thought nothing can top that but instead of a really nice house I’m getting a really nice apartment. All I know is I’m going late night swimming at the pool. Swimming is the love of my life (besides coffee of course) and every second that I’m not out I’m going to be swimming. Truthfully the only time I’m not going to be out is late at night because we plan on spending every second out and about doing whatever the heck there is to do.

I still haven’t finished my approach paper and it is due in two weeks. I plan on doing it in the car tomorrow and when we come back from our trip because it’s a four hour trip so I should have plenty of time to finish it. I kind of want to go out tonight and buy the second book so I can read it on the drive up there. I fell in love with the flirt fifth wave book so I have to get the second one. I can only imagine how good it is going to be.

Well, I have to cut this short so I can go pack. I will update yall as I continue with my journey through life.

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