Thursday, 8/18/16, 11:09pm at home in bed

I’m remembering to write today!

Yesterday after I journaled, I went to teach at natural therapy. Just Leanna came to silks, and then I had 7 at hammock. An unruly bunch, but fun.

I ordered takeout from Hiro 88 and walked home with it. Gabe and I pigged out on the couch when I got home. Then I went to bed. I got up today and went back prairielands for my second massage. It was torture once again. 

I got dad’s pick up truck and Gabe and I loaded it. We got in a huge fight because he wouldn’t come with me to help me unload it and he was loading things like an idiot. When I got to the dumpster i tried to lift the thing he put on top and smashed in the back window. I went to open door mission to drop off clothes, I went to Wells Fargo to cash my natural therapy check but they wanted $7.50 so i told them to fuck off. I went to ez money to get a loan to pay for the window. I took the test of the load to river city recycling and then I went to an auto Glass place on L street. 

Then I went home, changed, took the truck back to mom, walked to KT for a salad and then walked to natural therapy to get my car. Then i went to film streams for my volunteer shift. It was fun. I got to help change the message on the Marquis.

Then I drove to fat shack BBQ on 108th, got av two meat dinner and went to Maeve’s to hang. It was good to see her, it had been a while. I stayed until 10, then drove to the night deposit at security national to deposit my NT check, and then to Hy-Vee for quest bars. I’m home in bed now, and getting very sleepy.


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