Trying Something New

Dear Journal,

So I’ve decided to try something new for once and stop being a boring person and try new things. So tomorrow my good friend Megan is going to come over and have a fabulous sleepover lol. Anyway I’ve been saying for a while i was going to start a Youtube but i think i was just waiting to leave high school so i will being doing my first video tomorrow i will put my channel in my next post. Oh and i’m going to start writing books on Wattpad if you don’t know what that is its a site where you can read stories and create ones. Well my book is going to be called “The Secret Life of a Teenage Murderer” i know sounds pretty bad but its going to be a Mystery\Thriller book i can’t wait to write it!! 

Oh i almost forgot i might not write for a while by next week because i’m going on Holiday to Turkey i haven’t been on holiday for 3 years !! Not since i went to Paris and it wasn’t good i will tell you about it another time.

adios for now 

Grace xxx

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