August-19-16☻Anger and Relationships

I’ve had alot of problems in my life up until now. And everythings going to get harder. It’s getting kind of hard to keep a calm composure, to stay good. Its like its me against the world. The pain is becoming more numb, but i dont know why my anger has started to come more easily. School was pretty good. We had a rally and i got to hang with one of my awesome friends from freshman year, but he left during my second year and just returned. I hung with my SO after school so that was pretty fun. After i went home and played some games for a little bit. My friend started texting me so we chatted for a bit. Then i started texting my SO but out of nowhere he started being a jerk, saying dumb stuff… I dont know, sometimes i feel as if he doesnt trust me, maybe his little toy. I’m starting to have my little doubts, my thoughts. Maybe I’m just not a relationship type of person. That’s probably why I’ve never had good experiences with relationships. Maybe this will be another one of those experiences, i can’t tell the future though so i dont now. But hey, i did get a few new experiences from it, now i can add “him assuming i still love an ex” to the list.  




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