My first online journal entry…

Okay, hmm… Here I am writing or should I say typing my first online journal entry.

What do I have to say? Well, a lot actually haha that is why I’m here.

So today was a very boring day, I woke up at 5pm… yup! I am currently on my summer break which gives me the opportunity to stay in bed all day, but honestly I don’t like it. My life is so boring at the moment! I just want to go out and explore and travel and try new food and have fun, but all that requires money. Being a student right now I can’t say that I am able to do those kinds of things until later on in life. Oh life. Oh and by the way, I am treating this site more of a blog rather than my own private journal. I know that there are many blogging platforms out there, but honestly they are so confusing to use haha and they all have a purpose such as travel or beauty and fashion whereas all I want to do is share my thoughts. Is anyone even reading this right now? Leave a comment telling me that you are? I think you’re able to do that haha. 

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