Was sitting outside with the husband, the son, the dog, and the cat(s) only to soon discover that I had become a ten course dinner for the bugs.  The husband, the son, the dog and the cat(s) were not the bugs meal of choice; however, they had a major feast at my expense and no they did not even bother to leave a  tip that I could of used to buy my calamine lotion.  Boy do I itch.  Guess my blood with all those chemicals is high dining to the bugs.  And on another nasty note, I’m losing my fingernails.  They turn white and  raise up and then split at the sides and almost the entire top layer comes off.  Yes Nasty and ugly.  Also my fingertips still feel strange.  It’s tough doing little things.  The hair on my head is still growing but I am not ready to give up my baseball hat yet but along with that the hair on my legs is also growing but with all my bites they won’t be seeing a razor anytime soon. And do I care?  Hell NO.   Chemo Wednesday.

One thought on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. Bless your heart! Losing your fingernails must be very distressing. But you are hanging in there, as brave as ever. I’m proud of you. And I pray for you. Hugs!

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