Needy little

So… I’ve always known I was needy…when I discovered my little side it clicked better… I understood why better. Everyone tells mr it’s completely normal to be needy as a little…I agree and even tell others this… But when it comes to myself…i doubt things.  Serious make me anxious and worry I’m fucking everything up doubt…how do I fix this? 

I’ve spent my like taking care of others and doing things for people and always putting myself last, an afterthought, second best, great for right now but dropped as soon as something better comes along.  I worry. I’ve been promised and promised and those promises dropped time after time.  It’s hard for me to trust.  

It’s hard for me to trust words instead of actions.  I think that’s where part of my needy comes from.  Someone showing me I’m important enough to interact with is a big deal.  Someone not just saying something but backing it up means a lot.  

Okay sorry for my rambling…but the crazy place my mind is… 

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