My two oldest grandchildren stayed overnight with me on Wed.  I had talked to them on Tuesday night and I told them if they were well behaved in preschool on Wed then they could stay with me that night.

My oldest grandson who will be 5 in Dec was having terrible behavior problems in preschool. 2 months ago he stayed overnight and I had a long talk with him about how he was acting and told him he needed to change his behavior.  I kept telling him when he did good at school he could stay overnight.  Ever since that talk he has been doing so well in school and each week he asks if he can spend 1 night that week with me.

When he and his sister arrived on Wed night they headed right out to the backyard.  They love going out in my yard to dig or play games.  This night however I asked them if they wanted to stay outside and work with puffy paint.

Earlier in the year I went on Pinterest and I found the recipe for puffy paint. You use dollar store shave cream, dollar store glue and food coloring.  I use old cool whip containers and I put shave cream in the container, then add probably 1 tablespoon of glue and food drops of food coloring. 

The kids love painting with puffy paint.  This time they painted 4 pictures each and I had 3 different colors of glitter and they used the glitter to sprinkle on their pictures.  They were having so much fun.

After painting we went in and washed up to have dinner. I made chicken tacos and they really were hungry.  My grandson wanted to try the salsa, normally he won’t even try it. He managed to eat some but I could see a few small tears running down his eyes and he finally decided to stop eating the salsa.  His sister didn’t flinch and managed to finish her taco and salsa.

They were well behaved this night.  There are times when they are wild, hyper, you name it. They come over with a lot of energy. At least this night they were calm and even more so after I had them take their bath and put their PJ’s on.

I enjoy having them over. My grandparents never had us come over and stay the night, not unless we were with parents the whole night.  I don’t remember either of my grandmothers getting down on the floor playing games with me or even going out and digging in the yard with me.  My dad’s mom could speak English but she chose to speak Spanish around us and not include us in the conversations that she was having with my parents.

I didn’t want to be like my grandmothers. I want play an active roll in my grandchildren’s lives. I want to have fun with them and I want to play with them. I have 3 boxes filled with craft items and often when they come over we will work on crafts. I want them to be creative and use their imaginations as they work on those crafts.

There were so many other wonderful craft ideas for kids on Pinterest, check it out. Have fun with the grandchildren.


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  1. Definitely sounds like a lot of fun, I have the best memories of staying at my grandparents on my mums side when I was little, I’m sure your grandchildren will always remember these memories you are making for them! Think I will try the puffy paint idea sounds great x

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