Rainy yucky day

I’m so over all these rainy cloudy days blah. They make for a very depressing day and week when it’s non stop day after day. I had plans to be out and about today but with the yucky rain and the headache I’ve had since yesterday I’ve decided to stay home and relax. 

I really need to get working on school for this week but it’s something I can’t do when my head hurts like this. Luckily this week is an easy week and I don’t have much to do, but I still gotta get it done. I know if I don’t get started on it soon Master will not be pleased. He will either give me motivation, a time limit, or punishment if I don’t keep up with school. He will not allow me to get behind, if I do I know that’s an immediate punishment. I really don’t like punishments.

Hopefully after taking some medicine and relaxing I will feel better in a few hours and be able to get started on school. I also need to pack some more since I have to move next week ugh. These next few weeks are going to be stressful! But at least I have Master to help me get through it and distract me 😘

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