Survived the first week.

I made it to Friday. You beautiful sexy day you.

Going to school from 11am to 5pm and then off to work at 9pm until 7am is…well..not the greatest thing on earth but it’s what I must do in order to meet my deadline as far as when I will start to invest in bigger things. luckily, this is the last semester before I get to apply to the Radiology program. THIS semester will either make or break me. I have no choice but to win.

The thing that is keeping me up at work right now is the classic rock blaring out of the speakers. I enjoy this music. It’s what I listened to in high school. It’s bringing back some awesome memories from my teenage years. 

So school: My teachers took no delay in diving into our assignments. We are already on the third chapter in all of my classes. Fridays are my favorite because of lab. I love looking at blood, skin, muscle, bone cells and can’t wait until we get to dissect. The teacher said we will be doing brains and hearts this year. I almost jumped with joy lol. I love the human body. We are definitely amazing creatures. 

2 thoughts on “Survived the first week.”

  1. Amazing, great job. You and Panda are going to be so successful I can just tell by your hard work ethic 🙂 keep your head up and finish the race.

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