Well so much for that….

I met a guy for the first time today.  We have been talking and hitting it off for a few days.  Tonight we sat around, me, him and my friend and talked.  Mainly I listened.  I made a comment about my kids being against me dating anyone but a woman and after I got back home he sent me a message saying, “I think there’s been some misjudgement.  You are a nice person and a good person.  I put in my profile that I stand with traditional views.  I have been active in fighting against gay marriage and standing with family values. That fact is that it is evil as the bible says.  Me being not perfect doesn’t change my views.  I would never join my life or take part with anyone who thought such evil was an ok way of life.  I wish you the best and peace.”

I have read that many times.  More than any of his other messages.  I started to type up a message that I deleted.  It said, “I am sorry that you feel that way, and I won’t even try to change your mind.  You feel the way you feel.  I do have a different feeling.  And it is this.  My friend being gay and having a wife, My cousin being gay and having a girlfriend, my boss being gay and having a better half.  None of these things are my fault or my doing.  Do I think that it is evil? No. I don’t I feel that God either made each of us in his image or he didn’t.  I chose to believe that he did and there for gay is a mental / brain wiring thing.  I appreciate your honesty and I am glad to have found this out now instead of later.  I would not want to put those people who have done so much for me in my life and cared for me as family in the way of harm that you would cause them.  And not only them but me.  As you stated a fact in your profile so did I in mine.  I stated that my religion is “new age” and that is because pagan is not an option.  I follow the real and oldest of traditions and values.  The bible holds no sway over my mind, body or soul.  I find the gods all around me and in me and though I struggle I do not find that the lines of right and wrong were correctly written down 2000 years ago.  If one of my children was to turn out gay, I would show them no less love that fitting my child.  I say to you this, it is not for me to judge , I was not put on this earth to cast stones or to bring others down.  I was put here to build people up and use the compassion and understanding that life has given me to help any and all those around me.  I do that without thought to race, color, nationality, sex or sexual orientation.   Since I do not have to participate in the sexual activity I see it as it does not effect me. And honestly it effects you much less than it effects anyone else on this planet.  You have no children, few friends and I presume limited family.  I wish you the best of luck trying to find someone who doesn’t know, isn’t friends with, or who doesn’t love a person who is gay or bisexual. “

Instead I said, “Same to you.” and “I will not contact you again, Thank you for being honest.”  I decided in the end it is not worth going down to his level and fuel the flames of hate. 


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