Catching up!(:

so I’ve been busy with the change in schedule and my issues but now I can say I’m getting use to it.

and from now on I’ll try not to post about my husband because I think we reached an understanding…even if it involved a lot of tears on my half. He’s a great guy…just doesn’t want to be love or give love. And I can’t force him to love me so at least we an tolerate each other, talk, and be face to face without any anger. Don’t get me wrong…I still love him and hope that he will one day tell me “hey, I’m ready.” But we talked about this and the chances of that are…no chance at all. Lol. But I’m just glad he’s still part of my life even if it’s not how I pictured it. I’ll forever love that guy(: 


now onto so better news…my daughter love pre-k. The first day she was excited getting ready, eating breakfast, putting on her bow. But once we went inside class, she grabs me by my hand and says, “mami, let’s go home” and she started to cry. Her daddy hugged her and I told her, “baby what’s wrong? Stop crying please. You know mommy gets sad when Leah’s sad. Please be happy!” It’s a little saying I tell her every day. “Leah…you make me happy!” Now she’s tells me “mommy make me happy!” And i show her a smile and she shows me her cheesy grin! Lol. So we finally got her to join her classmates in the carpet. When we started leaving she got up but they stopped her. When I went to pick her up she saw me enter the room and ran up to me! I hugged her and said baby teacher Jennifer is still reading go sit(: then once she was good to go she told me everything she did and she said “mommy you come back!” I told her ” yes babe. I always do! I’ll always come back. You know why? Because I love my baby!” On the second day she woke up before my alarm. Shook me and told me to “wake up. The sun is up! We need breakfast and lunch. Hurry mommy I have to go to school!!!” Lol. So I got up. She help with making breakfast. Prepped her lunch box. And got ready for school. As we walked in class she went ahead and started to do her thing and I just stood there sad because she left without giving me my hug and kiss); but I went and got them myself lol and when I went to pick her up she just smiled and kept singing. I’m glad she loves school(: 


As for my niece this is her second time at pre-k. She’s still not old enough to go to kinder.  So she has to repeat it just like my little one will have to. My niece was a lazy butt. She didn’t want to go and cried as I got her ready. But as soon as we got on campus she was excited and doing all the things! She actually made her cousin sit down and settle down.(: so happy that the second day she didn’t cry and was falling back into routine(: 

They’re only gone for three hours and they go by quick when your busy doing chores. Lol. But so far…I’ve been adapting and growing with everything that is happening. I hope I can keep staying positive. One day at a time!(: 

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  1. Your daughter is adjusting to going to school. There will be times when you leave her and she wants to cling to you and cry and other times when she just wants to run and play with her friends. It takes times for young children to get adjusted to being away from home. It sounds like she was really excited the 2nd day. Hope she is still getting up in the morning and anxious to go to school.

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