Dear You

I met you once, but that was all it took, just one look at you to capture my heart. It started with a few hushed words in passing by my mom that intrigued me. I wondered who this boy could have caught my mom’s attention. Surely it had to be someone special if she wanted me to meet you. A celebration of our brothers brought us to our first encounter. A light echo of footsteps in the background and soft voices that bounced off the gym wall, this was the place where we first met. I was so curious to put a face to the name and when we finally met, I was left speechless. I was not meeting a boy but a man, who stood tall with such grace and strength. Your deep vibrato of a voice captured my heart and left me blushing like a young schoolgirl. All you said was your name and I felt frozen and at a lose of words. Maybe it was the handshake. Your hand enveloped mine with a firm touch but yet your hand caressed mine in such a manner that had me swooning. You were proper in your ways and I was left curious to know the man behind your exterior. I wanted to know what makes you tick and what your passions where. I can’t explain the feelings I had when I met you and now I can’t get you off of my mind. I have thought of ways to run into you and ways to get you to notice me. I crave to have one simple conversation with you.

Another celebration brought us together but I was at a lack of words. I let my brother do the talking. I like to think that it wasn’t our time. Time goes on and we are brought together again and I was once again I was left speechless in your presence. I still go back to that moment, you were literally in my kitchen and I just stared and smiled but I couldn’t make words. I so very awkwardly introduced you to my roommates and that was that. I flew the coop. I look back at that moment and I wish I could have done a million things differently. I should have invited you to play cards with us. I should have asked you what you were doing for the summer. I have so many questions that swirl in my mind now and so many unanswered questions.

You have a gentle demeanor and I think that is why I gravitate towards you or maybe it’s the softness in your eyes that leads me to believe you will do no harm. Or maybe it is your aura. Yours is the color of the ocean at its deepest color, the navy of the sea mixing with the whitecaps of the waves and echo of the evening sky. Dark and mysterious but gentle and calm and inviting, something you just want to dive into and explore. Yes, you are someone I want to explore and know every nook and cranny. I want to see what you have to offer the world and what you will do with what the world offers you. I can’t help but feel that you could be the one that gets away. Here I sit writing about you, yet I don’t know a single thing about you. I don’t even know the color of your eye and I don’t know why but that bugs me the most. I looked into your eye on the first day we met and I remember thinking in that moment that I could get lost in your eyes. I think I was so dumb struck in that moment that I couldn’t process the man standing before me. What color are your beautiful eyes? I want to know what the sunset look like when in reflects in your orbs and contentment is donned on your face. Have you ever looked at someone and seen your future? I have. I look at you and I see hope and passion and fight. I see love and determination. Is it wrong that I think of a future with you and I only know your name? I dream of getting to know you and to someday find out what your dreams are. I want to start getting to know one another and then ever so slowly fall in love with you. I want the little moments with you, waking up to you while dawn peeks through the window and dancing in the kitchen to our song. I want to experience life and the world with you by my side. I want and think all these things but for now I just want to get to know you. I want to know the person that makes me speechless. You are the person who my knees feel like Jell-O and butterflies in my stomach. I can only hope that you are curious of me too. I don’t know how to end a letter when the ending is so unknowing. So for now…



Someone whose heart you captured

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