Feeling Sick

Eww I feel sick and my breathing hurts. I think I picked something up and more than likely it’s that virus my friend left. My mother has been sick with it for a while and I think I finally picked it up. Nothing much has been happening the last few days, it’s all been pretty quiet. There’s a game I play called Furcadia which I really enjoy and in which you get to create your own world or ‘Dream.’ Through it you learn basic programming skills for game creation and so far I’ve been able to create a few quests, a day/night cycle, some sound effects and some other things as well as creating a neat starting point for my ‘Dream’. Sounds easy but it is a very steep learning curve. Speaking of Furcadia there’s a link here which will lead you to the game however bear in mnd it is NOT for children. It may advertise that they have child friendly areas but the content is subject to the whims of their players so nowhere can be guaranteed kid friendly.


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