My heart hurts 😢😭

this world makes me sick to my stomach. People disappoint me and make me sick. A few months back…maybe 6 or 7 i was watching a live stream of a facebook personality?? I guess thats what you would call it. Now normally i dont judge people, I really dont fucking care what or how someone lives their life. But this person and their live video so happened to catch me on a day where i was paying attention. So im sitting in my living room watching this “personality” if you will basically BEG for money. He says right in his video that is he isnt begging but he clearly was. He was saying he needed money to eat, and this and that and the reason he ISNT begging is because he entertains people for a living and its basically owed to him. I dont know what kind of down south hilly billy entertainment shit they have going on but he IS NOT what i call entertainment. So anyway my son wanders over and asks me what im doing i tell him. He said go to his go fund me page i wanna see if anyone donated. I click the link and almost fall out of my chair. To my shock he has in a matter of mins over 1,000 dollars. He contuines begging for money and says the link to donate will only be available for 20 mins and his goal is 5 grand. Well in 9 mins he surpassed his goal. By the time 20 mins was up he deleted the link to his go fund me ended his oh poor me video and walked off with almost 10 grand. 10,000 fucking thousand dollars for doing nothing but eating fast food, and talking shit to his “fans”. Β After that i no longer follow him nor do i like him on facebook. He seems to think hes some damn celebrity and cant get a job because hes too busy entertaining. So fast forward to now. I came across a gofund me page for a small child who suffered a near drowing. Never in my life have i donated to any of those but felt compelled to for this little boy. His family was able to raise 400 dollars in a week. Now what the fuck is wrong with our society where the people will open their wallets and give their hard earned money to someone who is damn well capable of earning his own VS a small boy whos family is begging for help to keep their baby alive. Since when has such insignificant shit become more inportant than a human life? It makes me sick. But on the other hand i was able to use the self absorbed asshole begging for money as a wonderful example for my son to see how unfair life is. The gofund me main page has all kinds of people in legit need if they feel the money is burning a hole in their pocket. Why not donate to someone or something thats worth it? Especially when the asshole doesn’t even seem appreciative. He went and bought caps for his teeth and then told everyone it wasnt their business what he did with his money. Uhhhh loser did you forget YOUR money was THEIR money. Dumb ass. Ugh my rant is over. Ps rest in peace to the near drowning child. May peace be with you and your family 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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