I have had a nice weekend, last night Andrew and I went out for tea and went to a comedy show, just the two of us! It was lovely, Mya stayed at my parents overnight and she had a fantastic time. She brings them so much joy too with her funny wee things she says and does!

 Today we went to the hospital to visit Andrews gran who has been in for a week with a urine infection, she is much better. Mya brought her little Sweep teddy that makes laughing noises to ‘ make GG and the ladies laugh’ 💕

 It was a lovely sunny day today so I weeded the garden also and it’s looking really nice, the flowers I planted at the beginning of summer have really bloomed and considering our garden was just a weed pit when we first moved here it brings me lots of happiness to see it looking so nice. I am by no means a gardener but just the simple effect of weeding and buying a few cheap plants make a world of difference. Hope everyone has had a nice weekend x

One thought on “Weekend”

  1. So nice that you and your husband had time to yourselves. You need to do that for yourselves often. I often tell my son to take his wife to dinner, movie or whatever so that they have that time alone.
    It is so relaxing to garden. Through the years I have found great comfort in gardening. You could be upset about something that happened in your day and when you go out and pull those weeds you relax and forget about the problems that upset you in the first place. Have fun gardening.

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