Amazing night

Yesterday and last night… Was simply amazing.  I haven’t felt myself relax and let go and just be in my own moment… Maybe ever.  Driving away knowing I was having to tuck all my parts away was hard…

Doing wax last night… Man it was amazing. I relaxed so much I barely was able to comprehend what was going on around me.  I just listened to daddy’s voice and I was gone.  Peeling it off…. I never thought I’d be so turned on by a blade to my skin… But God I was. 

I love petting and playing with daddy’s hair.  Just simple touches.  I loved waking up and helping make breakfast.  And I adored daddy brushing my hair out.  To have someone do that for me means a lot. I feel like he does so much for me and i don’t do enough for him.. 

I can’t wait for chipmunk to be back in the bears arms….

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