How to last longer in bed

The dream of any man is to last longer in bed and to please their partner to the fullest, but honestly how many of us are able to do so? Almost most men today are suffering from early orgasm or ejaculation which is causing havoc in their sex life. Due to this, their partners are not satisfied with them and end up cheating them to gratify their own sexual needs. Often we are misguided by companies selling products and pills which promise to help us last longer in bed, but they are more dangerous than productive. Most of them might have serious side effects and may not provide you with the results you are looking for. So, what can we do?

Well, the answer is to look into the cause of the problem. Early orgasm or ejaculation is a part of our genes which has been handed down to us through generations from the caveman times. It is not your problem or fault. During those days, men had to ejaculate quickly during sex to impregnate their partners so as to carry on their genes. This was necessary as longer sex session could result in an animal attack or an enemy attack etc. so, a quick sex session and orgasm could fulfill the goal they aimed for. But, today the scenario has changed. Men and women look for a longer pleasure in bed than a quick orgasm. But, like we discussed, the caveman instinct and genes to orgasm fast is still there and cannot be controlled by most men. So, if you want to last longer in bed without using any sex creams, special pills or by copying porn stars to give your women a great sexual pleasure despite not being too tall, handsome and having a large anatomy, then use these few tips.

1. Stop using last longer pills, creams and other things as they may prove to be more harmful than helpful. These creams and pills when got from unauthorized and shady vendors could be even more dangerous with serious side effects and be costly.

how to last longer in sex

2. Stop copying the porn stars and try to be natural. You may not have their height or ability and it is no use copying them. They are born with the natural ability to perform better and satisfy women without ejaculating for minutes and hours. You physically different.

3. Stop using only oral methods to satisfy a woman as penetrative sex can make you better in bed with woman.

4. Try out different methods and positions which satisfy both you and her and help you to last longer in bed.

So, to last longer in bed stop doing weird things and trying unnatural ways as it will not help you to last longer and will definitely not satisfy your partner.

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