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Have you ever had so much love for someone that you can’t tell if the love is deeper than friendship? I have known T for a very short time; but in that time an interesting and very random friendship spawned. It was like in love movies when they accidently bumped into each other and from that point on were really pretty close. I have something like that happening. We try to see each other as often as possible. To me it is that intellectual addiction that is being satisfied. I always seem to need and want more of it. 

He hasn’t had an easy life and he is still putting the pieces back together, but that is what makes him so beautiful. He is raw and uncut and that is so damn sexy to me… smfh!!! If I could scream I would. He and I were talking today and I kind of zoned in on his lips and realized how attracted to him I really was; but is it really love? Like seriously, how often do you feel feelings like that when you are truly attracted to a man? They could be completely false and I am just going through the comfort phase of my healing process. You know what makes getting over it easy? It is knowing that he doesn’t want the samethings that I do in life.


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Time to put some prayer in the equation.

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  1. It’s great you are facing your circumstances with prayer. God will give you guidance and protection. Attraction is not necessarily love. And if you want different things in life, then be very careful of getting closer. I enjoyed reading your post and wish your wonderful dreams to come true.

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