Someone Like Me

In my first tutorial for the day, I noticed something different happening. It was the first time in my group assignments, where I wasn’t the leader and guiding the team. A girl in my group, Vivian instantly took charge and it was such a refreshing change. It was nice to feel that someone else was willing to put in the effort and I really appreciated her for it. When I observed Vivian taking charge, I noticed something different she did. She wasn’t just genuine but she had a certain charisma that made you feel very comfortable in the group. There was a big difference in the way we both led groups. There have been so many ups and downs in my previous group members completing their work, I think I’ve come to that point where I have little trust in people. It was refreshing to see that, this girl obviously still had the strength to keep going. Tonight I read on MindTools, ‘What is an Authentic Leader?’ and I think it’s very true. Even when it came to my internship last semester, my manager was always looking out for me and it inspired me to keep doing work because I was in a safe environment. Even in terms of the girl in my group, she had that ability to inspire trust in the team. From observing Vivian has inspired me to try to communicate with my team members more effectively.

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