so i sent the text to my mom ( 70 year old stubborn woman )

so day three or four played out and I have an alert on my phone that tells me when the message is received by the other I sent her a text and said.. is this a silent treatment im getting and what did I do, because my phone tells me that you received my messages.

hah.. not even two minutes later, I get this long drawn ot text reply from her.. about how.. it has been three weeks since she spoke to my sister or myself and that she figured we were mad at her for taking our dad back to court after all these years yadda yadda yadda..

so I go back into my text messages and I see that I had texted her about a week prior and she had responded.. and that I had gotten sick right after so I was out of commission for a few days.. but that it was a week ago that I had talked to her and it had been four days that I was trying to reach her…

yeah.. tell me another one…   “oh”  well maybe its been three weeks since I talked to your sister she responds back to me..

*eyeroll*  so exaggerated… so she went on to say she hasn’t been feeling well.. and that she had sent paperwork in for the courts .. and that my sister had told her that she was going to the court date and how ridiculous it was for her to do this after so many years.. ( wishing my sister had kept her mouth shut and let the judge relay that info when they go to court)

like I told my sister and my dad.. hey  she called up and investigated if the courts had any record of any money or judgements due to her it was confirmed that back child support in the amount of 15 grand was showing,… so she ran with it like any normal human would hearing that..

I also told my dad the same thing.. he called and was told by phone yes the amount shows due  but also that there may be some errors as well that need to be corrected and that am0unt might not be the true amount..

he feels like my mother wants to nail him to the cross.  ( yep upside down no doubt too )

but like I told him in trying to diffuse the anger level.. that she verbally received the info from someone at the court and she ran with it.. so let the cards fall where they will..

then my mom texts me and says  how  my sister  said  our dad paid for both our sets of braces in our young adult years.. my mom texts me and says  she remembers me being in braces but he defaulted on paying and I took them off with a screw driver when I was a teen…

yes that was true.. who defaulted on the payment? im not sure.. but I do know she didn’t take me back after moving our many millions of times  to another orthodontist so yeah I took them off.. and yes he did pay for them when I was like 22.. she was like… oh… I didn’t know that..

how can a person gather up so much hate and persecution for someone  and be relentless on not if they have walked a perfectly noble and fault less road in life..

I sometimes think its  all for show for her current husband.. they have been married for what like 16 years maybe 18 years.. great guy… but she has no doubt served him a line of pity party.. I think to her current husband she has made it sound as if she was a woman scorned by an affair which she was.. but she went on in life to marry a few more times.. which is what I don’t think her current husband knows..

but at 70 years old I told her that she has to release this hate… because if she doesn’t  she will have to come back in life yes reincarnated and probably have to marry our dad again and go through the motions until she gets this right with how she is supposed to release and move forward.. im sure she choked on that text reading it..

I don’t want to live past 70.. personally..

the other day I took three of my older grand children to the library ( for example) and an 80 year old man maybe younger.. was walking out as we were walking in.. and he seemed a little unstable and kind of caught hold of the library sign to maintain his we passed he says in a low but irritated voice..  ahhh  taking up the whole aisle.. no courtesy… so I turned to him as we passed thru and said  you had the whole aisle  and apparently the whole sign.. what more did you want…

im not taking anybodys shit anymore… I will go out of my way to help anyone at any time.. but disrespect will never be tolerated from anybody at any time..


so later that evening my mom sends me another text  a nd says  .. your uncle told me that you wished him a happy birthday on facebook.. and that she looked for it on his page but didn’t “see it “.. and she wont see it because I  deleted and blocked her butt off my facebook a few months ago …

I said  well.. I get email alerts and it notified me that my uncle had a birthday so I re activated facebook to send out best wishes and de activated it again..

she has all of like seven friends on her facebook page.. and two of them she stole from me..

after telling her multiple times that her sense of humor would not be understood on certain peoples pages and to remove her comments.. after seeing some off the wall comments she left.. I figured  why am I still battling this… delete and block.. simple..

facebook is so over rated majority of the time anyway… no body really keeps “it real” anymore.. everyone trying to live up to a portrayal…and has to be careful because they have certain people on their facebooks  that they have to live up to a certain standard with..

ok.. woosahhhh….



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