Dear selfish You,

     You’ve done me dirty, taken away my self value. I thought we were in it together, but watching you leave so ruthlessly, I found myself regretting everything I did. You are the problem, not me. I gave you my all, I’m not perfect but I gave you my all, and you left a scar on my vulnerable heart. You knew you wouldn’t come back, so why leave me hanging? Was I really not worth the time  it would take for you to end things cleanly? Because of you, I’m not who I used to be. I don’t trust, or give what I have to offer. You stole the last year of my life, selfish little you. You stole my future, selfish little you. You stole myself, how selfish of you. 


                                                                                              The remaining scraps of my heart

One thought on “Stolen.”

  1. Read your post about help needed so I’m stalking your journals.

    All I can say about this is that it sound like a deep poem. And I like it. I kinda relate to it. I label mines as walls. Lol.

    Hope the Venting helps you relax(: stay positive!(:

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