Sunday, 8/21/16, home at the office computer, 10:12 pm

Been forgetting to write again. I suck. 

Friday: I got up and went to teach my hatha class at NT. Two students. It was good.  Then I went home to get some things together and went to the gym. At 11:45 I stopped to pick up a salad from KT and then I hit the rode for Sioux City.  Stopped at a rest area on the way to finish my awesome salad.  My hearing only took 15 minutes. LOL.  Drove home and went back to the gym to finish my work out. Meditated too.  Then I mate Kate R. for dinner at Benson Brewery.  I was feeling naughty so I ordered the poutine. It was so fucking nasty I couldn’t even believe it.  We went to Ted & Wally’s for ice cream.  The Prairie Gators had cancelled their gig at Bridge Beats and went to play at Jerry’s because of the storm. Kate had never been to Jerry’s so we walked down there.  They had already finished playing and were drinking at the bar.  We drove down to the old market and stopped at Cupcake for a frosting shot.  Then we went into the Hyatt to use the bathroom.  I installed Pokemon Go on my phone and gave it a try.  It was meh.  We went to Roja for piña coladas and queso.  Then we went home.

Saturday I got my ass outta bed at a decent hour and went to Natural grocers and then out to Two Birds for their anniversary.  Juan was there. It was really fun.  Then I went to teach my class at NT and then I went to the gym.  Actually I ran from Elmwood down to the entrance of Maha at Aksarben village and back and then went inside HPER to do my weights. Then I went to my volunteer shift at Film Streams.  I watched most of Don’t Think Twice and hated it. Susi, Josh, Jane, Steve and Sandy were there to see it too. After that we all went to Roja to eat and had the worst experience ever. Then I drove home and as I pulled up I got a text from Elisabeth inviting me to the porch because she was there hanging with Jason, Doug and Megan.  It was really fun, we had so many good laughs. Especially about “Kenny Jesus.” Home and bed after that.

Today I felt like ass.  I should not have eaten gluten yesterday. So bad. I got up and went to a really cool meditation at the Center for Mindfulness blah blah blah in Dundee. It was really cool. We chanted, meditated and then did the four directions earth moving meditation.  I stopped at NG for minimal provisions for the week. Came home, ate some ramen and then went to Maeve’s for our little fairy godmother going away party. I ate too much cake. At least it was gf.  Then I came home, changed, got Gabe (who was high as fuck) and went to meet my folks at Spaghetti Works.  I only stayed a half hour and then headed down to Film Streams a little before my volunteer shift to say hi to Lynn and Dave who were leaving Don’t Think Twice.  It was so great to see them and we laughed a lot. The rest of the shift was pretty boring.

I am addicted to games on phone. I would rather read my book for book club but I can’t seem to stop with the stupid games.  My refridgerator smells like it’s on fire. I googled it and it said to pull it away from the wall and vacuum the coils.  The coils didn’t look dirty so that could mean the compressor is going and now I can’t get it back against the wall.  Going to bed now.


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