The Hardest Knock

You first caught my attention back in second grade
I can’t recall the meeting but whan an impression you made
Loved the sound of your laughter, the best I’d ever heard
Enjoyed hearing your stories, I hung on your every word
You popped up in my life several times through the years
What could have been had I ever conquered my fears
Finally offered me the chance that fateful night
You said I was scared and you were absolutely right
Of what I felt and of what you might do
Cos recently I’d seen a different side of you
There was something stupid that I had said
If looks could kill, I would have been dead
But your face still haunts my dreams
My heart can’t forget you so it seems
To still be on my mind so many years later
But you’re married now and I can’t help but hate her
Cos she has what should have been mine
Had I been brave enough to cross the line
That will always be my biggest regret
The one that got away, I’ll never forget

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