Trusting God

It can be hard to trust God when things seem to be going all wrong.  But it’s the only way to have peace and share peace.  There are some things in my life right now that are not what I wish for….but God knows best, and He knows the solution.  Maybe the solution is just for me to accept what IS and “Let it be,” like the old Beatle’s song.  I played that at the nursing home yesterday and one of the residents recognized it.  I relaxed at the keyboard and didn’t let myself get tense or worry about playing perfectly, and it was probably the best hour of my music there yet.  I got a request for Morning Has Broken which happens to be a favorite of mine, so I was able to play it right off, not go home and learn it.  Those few little people that I play for are so appreciative.  I have learned each one’s favorite song and always include it.  I play a lot by ear.  One of my favorites is “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” —-and I play it very slowly and with a lot of tenderness.  They liked that too.  And they love hugs, even though I leave lipstick marks on their cheeks. If I focus on some of these joyful things, the troubling things will seem smaller.  And I need to remember God has it all in His Hands.  “What time I am afraid, I will put my trust in Thee.  In God I trust without a fear.” Psalm 56:3  God, I will trust you even when I don’t understand and when my heart aches.  I know you love me and I know you have everything in your Hands.  Blessed be Your Name.  Thank you for being there, Lord.  Thank you for being all Good and all Love. Amen.

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  1. Did you ever see the movie, “God’s Not Dead #2?” It is so wonderful. The woman in the story was battling so many hard times and she never gave in or gave up when it came to her faith that God would provide for her. We all go through trials. Sometimes they are so difficult and drain you emotionally to the point that you forget that if you just prayed to God he will be there with the answer.
    Keep praying, you will find that he will bring you peace.

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