Wow, time flies!

We did it! We’re all moved into our new house. I’m so so in love with this town, this house, this life… I even feel more in love with my boyfriend. Not that I didn’t love him more than anyone ever before, but now it seems kind of settling to know that we’re at the beginning of our lives together. It of course started a year and a half ago, almost exactly as a matter of fact, but now it seems so much more promising. It’s kind of hard to explain right, in any case it’s awesome!

We’re slowly getting everything settled in our house, figuring out all the little issues and things we need and want to change. I was never so excited in my life to do laundry after our washer and dryer were delivered. Haha. and I’ll never be so excited to do dishes once our dishwasher gets here next week. Only one more week of hand washing. (Yes, I’m aware that I’m a spoiled brat when it comes to doing dishes in that I think handwashing is painful and unnecessary.)

I’m so excited to get this place painted and 100% exactly the way we want it. I expect many arguments will ensue before it gets all the way there, but that’s bound to happen. A work in progress, but it’ll be a blast!

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