Can you hear me? Can you hear my cries? If so, please answer. I am wandering deeper and deeper into this darkness. I am so lost and I wonder if I will see the light again. I have a feeling of loneliness and emptiness grasping my soul. The world around me passes in an ugly blur and I am struggling to find some clarity. Have you every experienced this? If so, please don’t wish it upon another soul. To be this alone can slowly kill a person.

          Breath by breath it gets harder to breath and at some point I feel as though I am drowning. Can you hear my thought and read my mind or am I just an echo in the darkness? I just feel so alone, so very alone. I wish you could see the insanity within my mind. It rules me and shakes me to my core. My mind keeps me up until the sun peaks though the horizon. My sleep haunts me of memories I try to forget. This is not hell, this is just simply me lost and trapped in my own mind. 

         Someday I hope to wander my way out of my darkened forest and find the light. Can you see me trying or do you see me struggling? Because I am trying, I promise you I am. Will you grab my hand and guide me or stand in the distance and watch me as I continue to wander further into the darkness? Help me find the light. Help me stop from downing in my own sorrow. Can you promise me that I will see the sun again? This is it. I’ll thank your hand but you have to promise to hold on tight, I tend to get lost more than once on my journey out of the darkness. Yes, I have done this before. I have seen the good but it’s that bad that drags me back here. If you wander away from me, please don’t wander to far as I fear I may lose you too in the darkness. I will conquer this darkness, like I have time and time again. I just need some guidance this time. Leave me a trail of light and I promise to follow.




Lost in the Darkness



2 thoughts on “DearAnyone”

  1. The best way to handle depression or a scenario like this is to try as hard as you can to fight it. Try a hard as you can to get out of bed and go out with some friends. This might sound stupid or even hard to do. But just try. You have to find the core of your depression too. My whole life i grew up thinking that therapist are the dumbest idea in the world, but it really isnt as horrible as it sounds. It helps. so instead of laying around feeling bad for yourself. Right a list of crazy ideas as you never thought you would do ever, except if its illegal and go try it. I have been where you are one point in my life, it works. If you need anymore advice, let me know. i may not be much help. But i will try my best. so please try these idea and let me know if they work 🙂 <3

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