How do you tell your heart to stop when things become to much to handle? People say that you don’t have to put up with things just because thats all you’ve ever known…but how do you know when its just gone too far? When you love someone with all you have and they say they do to yet without knowing it they are emotionally abusing you?

After doing some research as to why I feel this way I learned that receiving the silent treatment from the other person in your relationship is emotions abuse. I never realized that, I just assumed it was immaturity. This is what I found:

The silent treatment is emotional abuse – and it’s definitely one of the causes of relationship problems. Sometimes people can’t express their thoughts or feelings, so they clam up. Other times their emotions – anger, hurt, fear – are so strong that they simply can’t talk.  The silent treatment can be a way for your partner to protect him or herself. The silent treatment is a form of bullying, and it’s often used to get what is wanted in the relationship. This type of passive aggressive communication might be all your partner learned as a child – it may be how your partner controlled his or her world. 

Do you tell yourself you must have done something wrong? Do you feel a sense of loneliness and heartache that feels unbearable? Do you feel alone and abandoned inside? Do you feel anxious and scared? These are signs that you may be emotional abused.  The sad thing is we tend to just live with it. 

I have been with my boyfriend for over two years now and I love him to death and want to marry him. He has always given me the silent treatment when he gets mad but it usually doesn’t last long. Lately it has gotten worse. He will go days without talking to me no matter what I say or do. Even if I truly am not the one in the wrong. I understand he has depression and that is getting worse due to his situation at his job but he clams up and won’t talk until it blows way out of proportion. I have never given him a hard time about his depression because I understand what it is like. 

How long can someone go being treated like shit? Being threatened that he will leave. Talking me down, making me feel unimportant. It sounds bad yet we have some of the BEST times I’ve ever had. 75% of the time we have the most amazing relationship ever. 

UGH..sometimes I just get so frustrated:( He is currently ignoring me because I act like his father.

Let me back up. Before I met my boyfriend he went through a period of really bad depression. At the same time he was prescribed to  pain pills…eventually he just kept taking the pills and buying them from whoever he could. He was VERY addicted. After finally breaking down he went and got help. He is no longer addicted and only has moments of depression. 

To be honest, we occasionally will buy stuff to relax. We never take a lot or take them often. He previously bought some and told me that he bought them for our vacation so we could relax. I found out yesterday that he has been taking them without my knowledge and was trying to buy more! I really worry about him due to his past addition and I try keep it under control so that he can’t get addicted again. I got upset that he hid it from me and he got mad that I was upset. (SIDE NOTE: this is not the first time he has hidden stuff from me) 

So he has been giving me the silent treatment. He deletes my texts (trying to apologize or tell him how much I care and love him), he acts like I don’t exist. 

To top it all off the only reason he spoke to me was to ask me for a PILL before going to work!!!

I feel so lost and abandoned. I don’t know what to do next. Help!



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