Gratitude prompt 1 – Its about your significant other

The way your significant other impacts your life – A major impact, an impact of which I cant put it down in words here.

His best qualities and personality traits – There are many. I always believed there are three Major things which are very important in a relationship twp people share. Those are Respect, Trust and of course Love for each other. And my Man had it all involved in the bond that we share. Must say, he has never stopped being a friend ever since he has been a boyfriend.

Memories – We all have great memories in our life to cherish and so do I. But I would rather write about the moments of  all the efforts and the struggle we both had to go through to be together, to convince our families that this Relationship is true and serious, to look at it in a different way and not through the eyes of Society, to accept us both together. These moments now makes me realize that we came out as winners, won everybody’s hearts and now look forward to our wedding next year. This also makes me realize that our relationship proved to be strong and not even once did we bother to quit.  

I actually am grateful for having such a relationship in my life. <3 




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