It’s Been A Decent Day

Woke up late than usual and I haven’t really been doing anything other than just laying on my bed and playing games on my phone. I usually leave YouTube on and keeping replaying BMTH – Follow You over and over ’cause it makes me think of my boyfriend (long distance relationship), who’s actually still sleeping right now, he’s a lazy bum bum haha. I took a nap today too ’cause last night I was up till 5 a.m with my boyfriend playing Hearthstone and movie before that. Anyways, back to me. I also went grocery shopping with my father and yeah, now I’m typing this to my Journal knowing that people aren’t actually gonna read the whole thing but that’s fine! I mean, I’m not expecting any of that wkwkwk (how Indonesians laugh in online games). 

Bleh, I’mma go study now! Or maybe not, who knows x3

Wish me luck! <3

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