Life on other planets.

What would life be like if we were not the only people in the Solar System? Forget about finding life in galaxies. We will say that life could be found in the other planets of this Solar System. But the conditions of every planet except ours would be too rough. Mercury and Venus would be too hot, Mars no oxygen, Jupiter does not posses a solid surface, and the planets after that are too cold and take too long to complete a revolution. By throwing all of this out the window let’s say that life(intelligent life similar to humans) does exist on these planets. Do you think we would all (meaning our governments) would coexist in harmony. The one effect that I can think of is that it could unite the planet as a whole. Or maybe divide it, with each of the nation contacting with the other planets secretly for their own gain. But let’s say that we unite and establish a Interplanetary Federation. Could you imagine how much our reasearch could be boosted. Rather than one genius a hundred years we would have 8 or 9. Wait, The years on other planets would work differently so most of them would die within a Saturn year if they lived on Saturn. But an interplanetary war would at least never happen. Oh wait, North Korea does exist.


Sorry if this depended on a lot on if. I am just a person who thinks that psychology and philosophy are better than commerce. Kidding.

Also if you can crack the following code I’ll give you accsess to my creativity diary.

the code is:

Yzqbu pls eumbxs pegbpj usmc rsf. Vmol amhi F tycfm aigh lmq rykv fvhjir.

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