Servant Leadership

This morning, I started the morning with three deep breaths. Last night, I was thinking too much about all the work coming up so that helped me to calm down a bit. I looked forward to having Mandarin class today, it’s my first lesson so I can’t wait for it. In the afternoon, I watched a TED talk by Sean Georges, it was interesting in his approach on emphasising on servant leadership. The ability to serve others whilst completing a mission never occurred to me. To me authentic leadership is about naturally being genuine and showing people that you care about the goals that are to be achieved. So it was interesting to read that, you can achieve it through serving others, rather than considering your own needs. In Chinese class tonight, I really enjoyed it and I think it was mostly because I saw how passionate my teacher, Ziwei was. Every time she smiled, you could tell she enjoyed teaching everyone and had a smile on her face every time we picked up phrases. When she would also teach us a bad word and create a humorous environment, I developed an understanding of servant leadership. Ziwei was an example of one because she was helping us to develop our knowledge by helping us out in the best way possible.

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