A Dog’s Tail Never Lies

It’s pretty self explanatory if you think about it, a dog’s tail is a tale of emotions. To me the best feeling in the world is coming home to my own wagging dog tail. My two year old beautiful dog. He means the world to me and then some. The greeting I get from him when I walk through the door is not like any other. I’m in love with how happy he is to see me all the time and no, it never gets old. Not ever. No matter how hard my day has been, how upset I am, sad, anxious, it all goes away when I see his tail going as fast as it can go all because it was me on the other side of that door. Half the time when I am out I can’t wait to come home to him, going on vacation, the rare time we don’t take him with us, the best part of it all is coming back home to him.

       It’s amazing, there is no love like a love from your dog, you are not just family in their eyes but part of something much more special…their pack. That’s right you are apart of a pack to them and I would much rather be apart of that pack than I would family. Loyalty is on an unobtainable level with a dog. You cannot find this In another human, it’s just not there. I love the quote ” A dog is just apart of your life but to your dog, you are his life.” It’s sad when you think about it. You have work, friends, family, a house to tend to, maybe even kids. But all he/she has is you. They don’t do anything but make you happy and that is their goal in there short lives.

   With my anxiety I cannot but help sometimes to think about the short life, compared to my own, that my dog has. I hate the thought, but it comes and its there. It will always be there and when it does come, I reach down and lay my hand on him to see his tail wag out f compassion. Dogs wear there emotions on their tails, end of story. Fearful, tucked, Happy/comfortable higher and wagging, stiff uncomfortable. With my dog and with extensive training I have seen it all. I can tell what him is feeling. Because I took the time to learn about dog body language. It was the best thing I could have ever done too. By learning dog body language to can actually determine what your dog’s next move will be. But my favorite is when his wags…because I know that means I will get kisses and love.

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