A letter to my husband

Dearest Husband, 

How I remember so fondly our first days in love. All of the sweet messages, laughs and late nights. I still remember how it felt when you first held my hand or how we first kissed in the cow pasture. Or how it felt to be on your arm at the school dances or the butterflies in my stomach anytime you were near (I didn’t think those would ever go away).

That was so long ago and it’s hard to believe we were ever at that stage, even though I remember it so vividly. Of course those days passed us by and we moved on to college, people trying to come between us, almost breakups, living in different towns, jobs, first home, marriage, pregnancy, cancer, birth of our child and many sleepless nights, financial burden and exhaustion physically and mentally. 

I think of that young awkward shy boy so often that it surprises me of the handsome man he turned into. To me it seems they are two completely different people. The man that lives with me today works harder than anyone I know, is stronger than anyone I know and is the best dad that I could ever imagine to my son. 

But, he is also quick to anger, assumes everything I say is wrong and jumps to conclusions. This causes a woman that gets her feelings hurt easily to cry herself to sleep many nights. 

I’m not writing this to say I’m giving up or throwing in the flag because I truly cannot imagine my life without you. And I’m sure you try harder than I ever will realize.

I’m writing this because I have a few asks. Compliment my dinner, thank me for cleaning the house or paying the bills, say I’m a good mother,  maybe get up with the baby so I can sleep in, plan a date, simply….appreciate me. 

I know you think I expect a lot and I do, because I deserve to be treated this way. But, it really is as simple as that….appreciation. I promise that is all it takes.

And I promise to always thank you for working hard, cleaning up my messes, doing the yard work (because I hate it so much), and making me laugh like no one else can. 

Love always,

Your Wife

P.S. One of these days, I hope I have the courage to actually show you this. 


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