Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication : Continued


I do not understand the mentality of these malevolent spirits. They seem completely content to spend all of their time chattering away. They use this non-stop chattering as a twisted form of a psychological weapon of course and since they do not have physical bodies on our plane, they do not tire and become fatigued by keeping up their non-stop barrage (or at least not nearly as much as one with a physical body it would seem). I often ask myself, what sort of twisted minds would conceive of such a deliberatley twisted and evil strategy as to bombard someone with non-stop voices. I never doubt these days that evil does indeed exist on both sides of the veil.

One of the hardest aspects of this spirit oppression situation to deal with has been the intrusion into my mind and into my thoughts. Hearing the voices and dealing with the physical attacks is bad enough, but the thought intrusion is a violation of personal sovereignty that goes even deeper, almost down to the very core of your essence as an individual. It’s like a dam has burst open in my mind and thoughts just rush out now, not nearly as constrained. To what degree these malevolent entities are inserting thoughts into my mind, I cannot say. For myself, it is very difficult for me to discern what is a foreign thought and what are my own thoughts just run amuck. This aspect of my ordeal has always been very troubling to me especially in the beginning. However, I have noticed significant improvement over time in dealing with this aspect by the sheer fact that I know that I’m becoming more and more desensitized to it over time. I’ve come to recognize it more now just as another part of the situation that I’m confronted with and hence it no longer deeply troubles me as much or as frequently as it once did. Now when I experience these troubling and out of the ordinary thoughts, I’m much better able now to just brush them off as sheer nonsense and quickly regain my focus.

I got a good night of sleep last night. Often in the morning in that state between sleep and just starting to awaken, I enjoy a bit of a reprieve from hearing these voices, but it usually  doesn’t last very long. As I write this now, I can hear an all too familiar female voice faintly in my left ear. I can feel a faint breath hitting my ear as well which has been quite a common thing in my own experience with this phenomenon. My every thought, my every action they seem perfectly content to comment upon. They seem not to give a damn that they are intruding into my life, my personal space in a most extreme way. Whether they are speaking in a very tormenting manor or less so, they consistently seem to give no regard or consideration to my privacy in any way at all.

One thing that has not changed since this ordeal began for me in the Spring of 2015, is how these malevolent entities utilize existing sources of sound and background noise to manipulate and form into voices that I can hear far more clearly than without the background noise being present. I still (as I did in the beginning) often hear their voices coming in over the sounds of things like fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, running water, etc…anything that generates a steady background noise.

My condition of being oppressed/attacked by these malevolent entities started for me in the end of February, 2015. In the beginning of the previous month, I had begun experimenting with EVP, or the Electronic Voice Phenomenon. I had always had an on/off interest in the paranormal going back a few years prior. I would often watch the popular paranormal shows on television or read a book pertaining to it now and again, but it was never an interest that really gripped me for very long. For whatever reason, in the early winter of 2015, this interest in the paranormal was back on my mind again, only this time I decided to go active by doing my own personal investigating. I began to attempt to record EVPs but did not initially have any success. However, just when I was about to give up and consider the whole damn thing a bunch of rubbish, I made numerous successful captures on one single recording one afternoon in the middle of January. All of these voices that I had captured on this particular recording were intelligent responses to questions that I had asked. With this taste of success, I now became curious about the whole phenomenon and looking back with much regret now, I allowed myself to reach a point of obsession where I had blinded myself to any possible dangers….and dangers there certainly were I was soon to discover.

Every night for the past year and a half I’ve waged a battle for sleep against these malevolent spirits. As soon as I crawl into bed and close my eyes, they start up with the physical sensations that they employ to annoy the hell out of me and deprive me of sleep. It’s usually some form of localized vibration sensation that often starts up on my legs and moves up my body. Other times it’s like a tickling sensation that causes me to toss and turn. These physical sensations are all too intelligently orchestrated with the intent to cause discomfort and prevent me from drifting off to sleep. If I roll over onto my side or my stomach, I often feel “something” literally landing on my back. Most nights it’s a combination of these strange sensations. And while I’m dealing with these physical annoyances, trying to ignore them as best I can, the voices are always present as well. In my condo, my kitchen is directly down a short hallway to my bedroom. Often at night, I hear a menacing voice or voices speaking to me over the electronic hum of my refrigerator. As strange as it may sound, it’s true.


I tried to take a brief nap after I got home from work yesterday evening. I was attacked almost immediately by these damn physical sensations. I had my dryer running at the time so that actually helped to supress the voices. It seems that these entities have a much harder time speaking over a sound that fluctuates. It seems like they have a much easier time manipulating steady sources of background noise and from them they can form the sound into a voice that I can hear much louder.

I’ll have to use this trick of running something with a fluctuating sound a bit more often. It truly did work to suppress the voices to a very large degree in this instance. I notice that my dishwasher creates such a fluctuating sound as well that also suppresses the voices. I have realized this difference between how I hear them coming in over a steady source of background noise (where I hear them very strongly) and with fluctuating sounds (when I barely hear them at all) for some time, but now maybe I’ll start finally using this to my advantage by running devices with a fluctuating sound deliberately while I’m trying to get a reprieve from hearing them so that I can at least try and enjoy such simple pleasures as taking a nap.


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