How I feel about her

I was not very into her for the first time I met her and many times after. Now, I found myself getting into her some reason. I don’t know why the more I get to know her, I get more interested. I knew that it was fun to be with her doing thing I like together but I didn’t realize that I may feel little more than a friend like other people in the group. Not very sure how I feel about it at the moment but I’m also little scared about the way I feel right now. Trying to find out what she has in her mind and I will go with whatever I find out later. For now tho, I just need sometime to confirm how I feel about her. I just know now that I like the moments being with her. It’s much more fun and exciting that’s for sure.

I had a very long day today. Got up at 3:30 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. Ended up at the gym at 5:30 and worked out till 6:30 AM. Fortunately, I had an hour to take a nap before I go to office. Spent all day designing a landing page. It was lots of work with little bit of uncertainty but I got somethings to start from. Well, I actually got 17 mockups done. Hopefully tomorrow, I will start developing an improved version of one of the mockups from today.

Got back home around 6:30 PM then drove to little Tokyo for skating. I didn’t want to take a rest at home since I felt like I’m going to fell asleep and couldn’t wake up on time. Got there early and had time to try Japanese Ramen before the skate. Skate was fun but some reason it was little bit awkward with her maybe cause I felt little differently than before. It bothered me little bit and it still does. Hope things go well. So sad that she couldn’t make it to SF but wish her for the best for her situation. I definitely understand priorities in the life. Skate ended at the bar as usual and I drive back home around midnight. Took a shower and writing journal to wrap my day up.

There are always things aren’t go as I expected. I just have to try my best to make things happen. I don’t regret even if it does not work out as long as I tried as hard as I could.

Goodnight all!

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