My best friend

 Throughout college I met several people, one of them became my best friend in the whole entire world. She is my sister by choice. She is the one who convinced me to share my story, because she thought it really could help others, and I like to think that it did. That it made others feel that they’re not alone in this world. A few months ago her sister got pregnant. Her sister was not ready for a baby. She didn’t understand why she got pregnant since she was taking birth control. Her boyfriend is not ready for a baby. Her boyfriend still lives with his mom and so does my friends sister. Her boyfriend hates children, I think that hating children is wrong because at one time we we’re all children and there was that one toy or game we wanted the most, her boyfriend got very upset about her being pregnant. He called her some words I won’t repeat because I don’t want a kid reading those words. (I think you can figure it out)  He left her on her own. Now she recently had a miscarriage. She was bleeding during the pregnancy and at first it was just a little spotting and nothing to worry about but now the baby is gone. She kept crying. It has been two days and she hasn’t ate or slept. She is drinking water, which is good. But that’s it. My friend is worried about her, and so am I. We understand this is hard for her. Yesterday her boyfriend contacted my friend. He said now that the babies not an issue that he will be happy to take her back. My friend and I haven’t told this to her sister yet, we don’t know how she’ll react. Any ideas? Please help. Thanks!

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  1. Tell him to just get away from her. Comfort her. Do not let him come close to her.

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