Chemo day and the place was very BUSY.  Every chair on my side of the chemo room was taken.  In fact they called yesterday and asked my husband if I could reschedule.  Like NO.  So anyway I didn’t have to see my doctor this time like I usually do.  Med assistant took the usual vitals and since I am participating in a study it was time for me to complete a questionnaire which I did on an ipad.  So try to access the port and got NO BLOOD.  Performed some contortions and still not a single drop.  Just GREAT.  So go to lab for a blood draw out of arm.  Well I am alive cause they got some out of there.  Back to chemo room where chemo could not be started due to what they thought might be a blood clot but they weren’t sure.  After 2 hours of  attempting to get this other drug to enter my port, the blood clot finally dissolved and chemo could continue. Now  I did have the option of leaving and coming back.  NO WAY JOSE.  I also had the option of starting an iv in my hand but that would not have solved the problem.  However had this drug therapy not worked it meant a trip to the hospital for a dye test first to see what the problem might be and if the problem was with the port itself, well, I don’t even want to think about what that might entail.  With them being so busy and my stress level at its peak I didn’t even bother trying to find out about the thyroid ultrasound.  I’m figuring it this way.  They could have told me and they didn’t say anything.  I’ll find out at next appointment.  I’m just worried that this port access issue may continue at all subsequent chemo treatments.  They could not give me an answer to that one because they don’t know.  And so that was my day of chemo FUN. And so I bid you all a good night.

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