Proud mommy right here!!!(:

so my niece has stayed home from school two days/: took her to the hospital and they just prescribed her probiotics. She’s much better now!(: today after school she has an appt. and so far seems like she won’t be missing today!(:  I’m so glad since I don’t want her to miss school since they just started lol. 


my baby on the other hand has been doing great at school on her own!(: she’s been eating all the new foods and listening to the teachers. Except for yesterday. When I went to go pick her up I heard her cry/: she tried to take a toy from a little boy’s hand and he pushed her/; my poor baby.  But other than that she still enjoys school! I hope she keeps up the positive outlook of school!(: 


well im off to bed. It’s 2:05am just got home from the gym. Showered and alarm set!(: hope you all have a great morning!(: 

3 thoughts on “Proud mommy right here!!!(:”

  1. Thanks missy! I’m just focusing on the positive right now. I don’t have time for the bad lol.

  2. It is so hard when they are in school. I have 3 grandchildren, two of them are in preschool and I hear from my son when they have been bad. It takes time for them to learn to be social with other kids and share toys.
    Glad to hear that your niece is feeling fine now.

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