The Butterfly Effect and the Cat

My topic for today will be the Butterfly Effect. The butterfly effect is based on the thought that every decision you make will lead to a different outcome. Which is pretty obvious. But if there is a choice and you choose a choice, you may think ‘what would have happened if I chose something else?’. Take the Schrodinger’s cat experiment as an example. If you apply the Copenhagen interpretation, both those choices existed until you chose one. But if you apply the many worlds interpretation, it becomes that while you live having chosen that choice, there exists an alternate version which has chosen otherwise. Now consider all the choices you have made in your life. And now think of all the people who have lived and are currently living on Earth. Each one of them may not have made the same number of choices as you, but they have made at least one choice in their whole life. Obviously the argument is that our actions are insignificant an whether you chose a bike over a scooter does not affect the Earth around us. But the Butterfly Effect(or maybe just stupid me) insists that every choice, no matter how insignificant has an effect. So now think about all the alternate versions. Obviously there is absolutely zero proof that alternate dimensions even exist and the fact that all our free will is can be just an illusion. We could just be the pawns  of a higher power. Let me rephrase that: We would be toys. But thinking about it is still fun, even though it’s most probably been done before. Thanks for reading!

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