A new day, new beginning.

My first entry.

So I’ve made it to California, and it’s beautiful here.  Seems too good to be true, a little piece of paradise.  My first stop was Huntington Beach, there’s so much life here and it’s so busy. Everyone is attractive, and happy. I definitely look forward to spending my weekends here, and definitely have plans to take up surfing. I finally made it to Anaheim, and am just getting settled in. It’s busy here as well, probably because I’m right around the corner from Disney. Me, myself and I.. we have a lot of catching up to do. Exploring Big Bear this weekend will be exciting. Making this decision was tough, because the only person I trusted in helping me make decisions from an outside standpoint wasn’t there anymore. I always looked to that person to help me recognize if I was ever making the wrong decision. For a short time, it created a sense of emptiness. And then I made a spreadsheet of my thoughts and ideas and things started to become very clear. The pros outweighed the cons, the opportunity superseded the lack of no opportunity. Arizona will always be my home, because one person helped make it home. Even with that person no longer in my life, my heart will always be there. On top of a mountain, at this special little place, buried and always together. I’ve left a piece of me there that will never disappear. Life has its ups and downs, it’s trials and tribulations, but nothing is ever promised and nothing lasts forever. It makes people lose themselves and become someone they really aren’t but then seek to become better individuals. It makes people crazy, and so does love. The person that first said hello and that also said goodbye is still there, he is just searching to find himself and reinvent.   I don’t regret anything in life because a lesson is always learned and things are always taken and embraced. So here  is to two souls that once crossed paths and became one, here is to memories that will never be forgotten the good and the bad. Here is to once a love that was so pure it became evil. Here’s to you, here’s to me. I have this gut feeling those two souls will cross paths once again, but maybe in another lifetime. I do believe now that everything happens for a reason and people come into our lives for a purpose. Farewell my friend, I wish you wellness, happiness and success.  Until my next entry, this is my diary.

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