August 25, 2016

I am learning to lucid dream..So far it’s a bust but I am told if I keep a dream journal, it will help.


Dream #1:

I’m in a large building, shaped like an apartment building but it wasnt apartments. There were many people involved in my dream, but none of them I know in waking life. The dream was about the zombie apocalypse. A few members om y dream had made some noise and brought a small horde of zombies towards the back where they proceeded to get rid of them. As they were doing that, I walked over to the building manager to calm my fears and asked if there was anything I could do to help him. He graciously accepted my help. As we were working on something at the bottom of the stairs I saw a zombie coming at us and asked if he knew how to kill them. He admitted that he did not and we both began to run up the stairs. The once, sluggish, zombie was now  extremely fast… The faster the manager and I tried to run, the slower we seemed to go. Watch out for that in dreams, Jen. You can’t run quickly in them, you are almost at a walking pace. The manager and I were able to escape him. I woke up.

Dream 2:

I was trying to lucid dream. I felt ta wave go through my body and suddenly, I was shaking violently. I looked over to the bathroom door, which had been firmly closed shut before I went to bed and realized it was open. Suddenly a feeling of someone being in the house washed over me and I was terrified. Still shaking violently, I was able to roll out of bed and lie on the floor until the shaking died down. As soon as I was able to move on my own, I rushed over to my fathers room and told him I had a feeling someone was in the house, but they weren’t inside at that moment. He proposed we sleep in the living room. I didnt realize it in my dream, but now that I am awake I know that the entire living room was backwards with the couch facing the window. That is something to look out for in my dreams, things being backwards. As we lied down, I could still feel things watching me from the window…I woke up.


Dream #3

Trying to lucid dream, still in the darkness of my bedroom, I felt a wave wash over me and began to shake violently. I woke up.

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