Day 180 – Before last day of work

Thursday, August 25th 2016

Today was good, woke up early as usual for work.

Things went by a lot faster, since for a while I thought the clock was broken, so I didn’t know the time. That’s something I have to prevent myself from looking at since it’ll just make it seem like time is going in slow motion. Other than that, the place was very hot. We only have fans, but those are life-savers.

The place seemed to be a bit more busy than usual, but just as friendly. Finally got rid of the shoes I was hoarding until I could ask my employer if he wanted them back.

On the way back home, I was in the car with a university student from my mom’s work. She had groceries and my mom offered to bring her home since she would be using the bus if my mom didn’t offer. She seemed very nice and intelligent, since she described me well; My mom said I’m very quiet and she proceeded to say “Usually the quiet ones are the most observant, also the ones you should look out for.”

At home I moderated the server a tiny bit then helped out with the updated Beta server. Played one game of Dead by Daylight and now I’m going to go watch some Doctor Who. Also heard these really loud plane noises and apparently it was an air show. Didn’t see anything though. It was kinda scary, since it sounded as if a plane was about to crash and I didn’t know it was an air show until the second loud noises.

That’s all for today.

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